Transforming You into an Illuminated & Empowered Woman

You are probably here because you’ve been guided and have a deep desire for your life to be a reflection of your spiritual self.  
Maybe you’ve tucked away the inner callings of your heart as you’ve navigated a busy life, an unfulfilling career, a marriage that fails to meet your needs, disappointing friendships or compromising health issues.

Perhaps you’ve busied yourself with so much DOING that it overshadowed and distracted you from the BEING of your spirit.

Welcome Beautiful One,

I feel you,  I understand you,  I was there.

Physical, mental and emotional pain can arise when you’ve abandoned your connection to the Source of your BEing. 

A life defined by what is not working keeps you in the loop of limitation. 

Your pain and discomfort can transform into your greatest teachers. Every circumstance, struggle and event in your life holds the potential for your own growth and evolution. This becomes less challenging when you embrace your experiences as opportunities to activate and integrate the consciousness of your Soul into the present moment.

A life that is lived with the embodied alignment of your Soul creates limitless potential, power, purpose and peace.

Be in awe.  Be content.  Be aligned.

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Can you envision how your life would be different if you were to move beyond the limitations of the self-sabotaging mind, heal the emotional wounds of your past and become present and aligned with your spiritual gifts, power and wisdom?

Gain clarity on the direction of your life, your unique gifts and know your purpose.
Make life affirming decisions in your life
Feel empowered, heard and seen in your relationships by expressing your authentic voice 
Increase your joy and pleasure while fulfilling your desires and dreams.
BEcome the most joyous person you know!

You are now one step closer to living in alignment with your Soul.

Experience life powerfully, through the lens of Love and Soul Alignment. You will learn how to attune your energy and life to this frequency so you can have more peace in your life.

Together we will awaken your HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS

Develop your intuition to receive clear guidance and feel confident in your decisions.
Deepen your connection to the Divine and activate the knowing that you are always supported. 
Learn practical tools that can immediately shift your perceptions, energy and experiences so you feel empowered, focused and energized.

I’m passionate about embodied Soul alignment and deep spiritual connection.
It brings me the greatest pleasure when a being comes into the full realization that they are contributing to this world in life affirming ways.

We would be a great fit if:

You’ve been on a path of personal growth and spiritual development and understand that your life is a reflection of your own energy and level of consciousness.

You are prepared to let go of the past, including your stories, wounds, old patterns of thinking and habits that no longer serve you and are ready to evolve into heart-centered, soul embodied living.

You are willing to be vulnerable, open, courageous and committed to a Path of Soul Mastery. 

You are looking for unconventional tools beyond what you may have received in traditional therapy.

"One doesn’t become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
~ Carl Jung