I know what it’s like to feel incomplete, unfulfilled, and disconnected from my true self and purpose, while craving the next "thing" that would make it all better.

Conventional therapy helped me cope but it didn’t heal my deepest wounds, quiet my inner critic or transform my life.


My life force was diminishing. Sometimes I felt as though I could not breathe.

I depleted myself by over doing and over giving. Old stories, patterns and habits kept repeating themselves. My ego was in control, directing my feelings, thoughts and my life. I was often stuck in the status quo and didn’t develop the skills to know how to break free.

I pushed aside my own dreams and desires, stuffed down my feelings and became complacent with where I was.
A part of me believed, something my mother had told me, and that “I could never have it ALL.” 

The day finally came when I could no longer ignore the voice of my Soul. I was being divinely guided to many sacred places and gifted spiritual teachers that catapulted my journey of transformation, healing, and Soul alignment. 

I have learned the skills to effectively live in the present moment. I’ve strengthened a direct communication with my Higher Self and Spiritual Guides. Being aligned with my Soul, allows me to open my heart to the Source consciousness within everything. I effectively ground spiritual practices into my daily life so I can manifest the abundant gifts of deeper love, a deeply rewarding career and relationships that always nurture and support me.

I have integrated over 20 years of experience, extensive trainings and certifications as a Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, Ordained Clergy, Synergist and Intuitive. I combine all of my skills, my highly developed intuition and communion with Source to bring you deeply grounded, and elevating Soul Guidance. I can see the unseen while having the organic ability to address what you need to hear, see, notice and understand.

You will receive clear, laser focused and direct guidance that is steeped with my compassions and love.

My life and work are divinely inspired and supported. I have the ability to become a bridge of light between worlds and my experiences leave me in constant awe. 

It is my deep joy and commitment to fully embrace my calling to be of service as a teacher, guide, mentor and channel.  

I have been told that my words are magical. As a writer and poet, I’ve discovered my innate ability to choose just the right words - a gift from Source - that will energetically move you. These precisely chosen words become the golden keys and opportunities that open and expand your heart and mind to the Divine. This creates immediate and lasting healing, transformation and growth for you.

It is deeply rewarding when I get to witness those who work with me come into the fullness of their potential. When they are aligned with their soul they are grounded in their true power, deeply connected to their wisdom, and fueled by Source Love. 

As your Intuitive Soul Guide and sacred witness, I will hold the light for the darkness, compassion for the suffering and pain, as we become vessels for the Divine to work through us.

This is the Path of Soul Mastery AND this is my life’s work. 

I am here for you.

Your journey will be far less intimidating when you have an experienced and qualified guide by your side. 

Julie is an exceptional spiritual leader, channel and coach. Her laser accuracy of advice is always EXACTLY what each person needs. My spiritual development was catapulted by her teachings, guidance and support. I am now aligned with my souls mission and purpose. My life is full of abundance, excitement and joy!

Jane Gragtmans - Ottawa Canada

Julie's wisdom, knowledge compassionate kept guiding me to go deeper and truly find my hearts desire.

Maricell Cruz - Edison NJ

Julie gently leads us with her laser-focused attention, compassion, tenderness and love, while encouraging vulnerability, growth and authenticity. She is a truly gifted and creative spiritual teacher and healer.

Patty Levine - Waldwick NJ

Julie's retreat did more for me than 20 years of therapy. 

Jeanie Clifford - New Jersey

Things I’d been “working” on for years became crystal clear. I am new and delighted to see the world through this new vibration.

I was expecting to have more control over anxiety and depression, but what has happened has been so much more. I am now connecting with my spiritual self and other spiritual beings. I would definitely recommend this course.

Barbara M. from Haverstraw NY

Karyn Bruno - Philadelphia PA.

 She lovingly and gently, but with surety, guides us to our truths. Filled with wisdom, divine guidance, and love, Julie will open your heart and mind to everything you wish to explore. Her laser focus and unwavering commitment to each person is formidable. 

"What you seek is seeking you."