This is a channeled program connecting us to 33 universal Pillars of Consciousness. Each Pillar holds the higher potential of a specific part of our individual and collective consciousnesses. When we receive these activations and teachings we have an increased awareness and ability to consciously co-create and align with our own highest potential. 

This program is currently limited to 20 students to ensure an intimate, personal and deeply transformational spiritual experience.

Mastery Program

The 33 Pillars of Consciousness Mastery Program is a 6 month Soul Aligning Program.

Liberate the mind from negative self talk and limiting beliefs
Receive clear guidance from your higher self and spirit guides
Fulfill your Souls mission by co-creating with Spirit
Transform obstacles into opportunities
Experience deeper love, connection, pleasure and joy
Make life affirming choices and manifest abundance
Increase awareness of what and how you are creating 
Step out of chaos and into your personal power, presence and peace

Receiving from The 33 Pillars of Consciousness will support your Soul Alignment and help you:

Highly activating weekly channeled meditations, activations and teachings
Personal and group laser focused coaching and support
Weekly energy tune-up exercises
All of the 33 original recordings of The 33 Pillars of Consciousness 
Access to a private Facebook group for additional support, inspiration and guidance
A beautiful group of open minded Soul sisters supporting your journey

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In this program you will receive:

This coaching package is designed to specifically support your individual needs for Soul Actualization, Soul Alignment and Soul Fulfillment. Experience a full day steeped in spiritual practices and practical processes so you can effectively awaken your Soul’s wisdom, identify your unique gifts and co-create directly with Source Consciousness.

Illuminate your shadows AND your gifts so you can easily identify and resolve old patterns of behavior that no longer serve you.
Activate gateways of communication between you and your Guides to receive clear guidance.
Integrate higher wisdom into the lower mind to release negative thinking and increase mental clarity.
Cultivate practices to transform lower energies, increase your confidence and improve your health.
Learn how to use your own super-power to transform your experiences and your reality.

VIP Coaching Package 

Personalized Coaching

During our time together you can:

A Soul Path Reading to gain greater insight and understanding of your Soul’s Mission and purpose
Rituals to deepen spiritual connection and increase intuition
Energetic Tune Ups to reduce stress and open your heart
Clear Energy blocks and transform limitations
Embodiment practices that ground safety and higher awareness into the present moment
Intuitive guidance and laser coaching to activate and access higher consciousness
Validation and clarity of your unique gifts
Empowerment exercises to amplify your confidence, presence and potential

Options for this package include:

A channeled spiritual teaching from one or more past lives
Up to two x 1 hour sacred healing journeys
Identification of some of your spiritual guides
A high frequency energetic code and mantra that you will continue to use to maintain your Soul Alignment 

VIP Personal Mini Retreat

Your personal mini retreat will include all the options of the VIP Coaching Package PLUS:

This exclusive 2 1/2 day experience is a deeper dive into your personal struggles, energetic blocks and individual needs. 
This day is reserved for those who are fully committed to their Path of Soul Mastery and are ready to live their life to the fullest.

My business coaching is both spiritual and practical. I will help you achieve and align with your vision, know and embrace your value, and increase your impact and income.

Every dream needs a plan. Every plan needs commitment. Your commitment requires doable steps. Doable steps are actions. All actions need support and require clear direction. This is where I come in.

This is a 12 hour deep dive of quantum personal business coaching that will up-level your current business, clarify your small business plan, create a business map, and design a compelling marketing message.

Business Coaching 

Spiritual Retreats

These retreats are designed to elevate and enrich the quality of your life, while building strong, positive and lasting friendships.
You'll enjoy the sacredness, safety and comfort of sisterhood, while being fully seen, heard, held and supported. 
This is a great way to quiet and broaden your mind, relax and nourish your body and expand the inner journey of oneness, peace and connection with the Divine.

Due to the current pandemic, all retreat events will be held online until further notice.

Prior events were held at the Mago in Sedona and The Blue Deer in Margarteville NY. 

We look forward to returning to Sedona, and creating new retreat experiences at Mt. Shasta in California and Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England.

Our weekend or week long retreats are intended for conscious, courageous women who are committed to their spiritual path.

Julie's retreat did more for me than 20 years of therapy. Things I’d been “working” on for years became crystal clear. I am new and delighted to see the world through this new vibration.

Jeanie Clifford - New Jersey

"What the spiritual path offers is a way to come back into balance, to develop our intuition and the wisdom of our heart, so that the intellect is no longer the master, but instead is the servant of the heart - the part of us that brings us into unity with ourselves and all other beings.”

Ram Dass