About The 33 Pillars of Consciousness Mastery Program

This Program is designed for spiritual deep divers and those committed to their own personal growth and spiritual development. This will require a willingness to confront your fears, shadows, blind spots, limiting thoughts and beliefs.  You will be asked to document your progress, share your challenges and breakthroughs, and be open to intuitive laser coaching. Julie's unique coaching style is designed to transform how you experience yourself, your relationships and the world, so you can live the life that brings you the most joy and pleasure.

The 33 Pillars of Consciousness Mastery program is designed to transform your life and catapult you into the energetic field of Soul alignment so you can become a magnetic resonance of what you wish to create in your life. You will learn the tools and skills to transform limitations, reduce fear, shift your energy,  and immediately realign to the innate power and wisdom of your Soul.

Mastery Program

During the course of this 6 month program, there will be several experiences of laser, intuitive spiritual coaching, the group also receives the many benefits. This supports our spiritual growth, as well as transforms and alchemizes lower energies. Many have found the Soul Seats to be clarifying for their life’s direction, deeply healing and has freed them from limited perspectives and perceptions.

All Soul Seat coaching sessions receive direct channeled wisdom from The 33 Pillars of Consciousness.

These session demonstrate the practical application and powerful transformation these Pillars offer in your daily life. challenges, struggles and celebrations.

Soul Seat Coaching. 

Private 1-1 Coaching  
In addition to the Soul Seat Coaching throughout the program, each person will receive 4 additional one hour personal coaching sessions.

You will have access to our Private Facebook group, where you can receive additional support and inspiration from our spiritual tribe.

All recordings are available for you to listen to at any time, and repeat throughout the program, so you never have to worry about missing a class.

You’ll receive access to:
All original recordings of The 33 Pillars of Consciousness. 
Soul Aligning Series Meditations - 10 recordings.

Julie's laser accuracy of advice is always EXACTLY what each person needs. She is an exceptional spiritual leader, channel and coach. You'll be delighted by her dynamic and deeply engaging personality.

Jane Gragtmans from Ottawa Canada